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Food Tips

Checking a Steak for Doneness

Cutting a steak to check for doneness causes essential juices to escape, affecting is tenderness and flavor. This is why our preferred method is to compare the "feel" of the steak to the fleshy part of the back of the hand, in three different hand positions:


Palm facing downward, 5 fingers outstretched- Touch the fleshy part of hand at the base of the U created by your thumb and index finger. It is soft and springy when fingers are outstretched. This should be the approximate feel of a rare steak when pressed.


Make the O.K. sign with your fingers. The same fleshy part is firmer, yet still springy, Compare this to a steak cooked medium.

Well Done-

Make a fist. The same fleshy part of your hand is firm, with little give, similar to a well done steak.

Using this method will take some practice to finding your favorite level of doneness, but it beats cutting into your steaks, leaking out essential flavor.


While marinating meats/poultry/seafood, usually means using liquid. Pelago Valley Seasonings may be applied and left to stand about 15-30 minutes. Any longer, and the meats should be refrigerated. Flavors blend and absorb into the flesh resulting in increased flavor.

Cooking Salmon Filet with skin

Naturally you don't want that skin on that Salmon filetů or do you? Well contrary to what you may believe, it makes for an easy protection of the filet during cooking. When baked skin side down, the salmon is easily served leaving the skin behind in the pan.

Just splash a bit of olive oil in the pan, lay your rinsed/drained salmon filet in the center, season generously with your choice of Frutti di Mare Mild or Spicy, patting down the seasonings. Another splash of Olive oil over all, and bake. After serving your perfect salmon, just soak your pan after use, and that thin silver skin layer comes right off.

What our customers are saying...

I purchased your Pollo Vesuvio seasoning at The Cooking Expo last week-end. I used it last night with Chicken and potatoes, and it was absolutely delicious! It will definitely become a staple in my cooking repertoire. - Shelly F.

Wow - I love all of your seasonings! I even ordered gift baskets for all of my family! - Jill K.

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